Our Best is Just Ahead!


Environment –Regardless how we use our natural resources, there’s room to improve the quantity and quality of each resource. After being a DNR instructor for seven years and serving my 1st term on both the Coon Creek Watershed and Natural Resources Conservation Board for Blaine, I know as your representative I will continue to protect our resources as well as wildlife for generations to come.

Small Business –Being a part of four generations of small business owners has given me an appreciation for the importance of small businesses in our community. Slowly we’ve found ourselves being challenged by tax hikes and wage threats adding pressure to an already hard, but rewarding career. Let me fight for you at the Capitol to ensure we remain the driving economic force in our community.

Healthcare – The rising cost of medical coverage is an issue that affects us all. Deductibles and premiums are not cost effective and we deserve the best medical plans at more affordable premiums. MNSure was not the answer we needed, but the answer is out there. I pledge I will make every effort for you and your family at the Capitol for fair medical plans.